Free and Low-Cost Dental Clinics

Applying for Mass Health

NOTE:  Mass Health Dental Coverage covers most basic dental care services.  However, when choosing a dentist, it is best to select a Federally Qualified Provider such as a Community Health Center to ensure that the provider accepts Mass Health and that the service charges do not exceed the amounts covered by Mass Health.

Applying for Mass Health can be done online here.  This address is also useful when referencing application procedures and eligibility requirements.  UMass hospitals have Financial/Medical Eligibility Specialists that can facilitate completion of applications and answer Mass Health billing questions for those who would like assistance.  These professionals can help offer one-on-one assistance and expertise.

Mass Health Dental Benefits

  • Mass Health Dental Annual Benefits
    2 Cleanings
    -2 X-Rays
    -Fillings (if needed)
  • Mass Health – Additional Benefits
  • Dental Crowns (no molars)
    • Upper teeth 11-6
    • Lower teeth 22-27
    • Molars (may be covered with a formal appeal)
  • Root Canals
    • Upper teeth 11-16
    • Lower teeth 22-27
    • Molars (may be covered with a formal appeal)
  • Mass Health – Cosmetic Services
    • Acrylic Dentures
    • Acrylic Partials
    • Other materials may be partially covered with the client responsible for the majority of the cost.


Supplemental Insurance Plans

NOTE: Like most other health insurance, supplemental dental insurance plans often come with annual premiums, co-pays, and coverage limits.  It is important to carefully assess whether your treatment needs warrant enrolling in one of the types of plans.

  • Fee for Service Plans
    • Indemnity Plans – Patient pays full cost up front and applies for reimbursement from insurer.
    • Direct Reimbursement Plan – Reimbursed based on money spent and not on the specific type of treatment.
  • Managed Care Plans
    • Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)
      • Generally, more affordable
      • Coverage level varies according to treatment
    • Dental Maintenance Organization (DMO)
      • Usually the least expensive
      • Covers some treatments at no charge to the patient
      • Treatments often come with co-pays