Preparing for College

Preparing for College

Applying & Transitioning to College

  • Let’s Get Ready – Offers a 9-week college preparation program in Worcester and Downtown Boston for students who received free or reduced lunch in high school or are a first generation college student, including over 30 hours of SAT preparation, 15 hours of advising, application help, and financial aid/scholarship support. For those enrolled in college, Let’s Get Ready offers transition workshops, peer mentoring, and a college hotline number.
  • My Next Move O*Net Interest Profiler – A free online interest profile that can help students find out how their interests relate to the world of work.

Financial Assistance

Discounted College Necessities

  • MBTA Semester Program – A school-managed, pre-paid program offered to colleges and universities with full-time programs to assist students with their MBTA pass needs. Participants can get a significant discount by buying a Semester Pass for the bus, subway, commuter rail, or ferry through their college or university. This pass allows for unlimited trips for the duration of a 4-5 month semester.
  • Grad Bag – collects gently used or new items that can be used in a typical college residence hall. Examples include, but are not limited to; sheets, comforters, fans, lamps, laundry bags, shower caddy’s, and more. Contact the Sudbury Town Social Worker (978) 440-5476 to contact this organization
  • SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) BenefitsStudents who are receiving MASS Grant Financial Aid, and meet all typical SNAP requirements, are eligible to receive food assistance through this program. Undocumented folks, DACA recipients, and TPS holders do not qualify for this program.
  • Low Cost Textbooks- There are various websites that offer textbooks at lower cost than the campus bookstore.
  • Resources to look for at your University:
    • Free or reduced subscriptions to newspapers or magazines
    • Free or reduced membership to a local gym
    • Free or reduced public transportation costs
    • Book resales on school’s social media pages
    • On-campus food pantry
    • Free or reduced mental health resources ex: Counseling, Therapy, Support Groups
    • Emergency financial grants to meet immediate needs that impact education

Car Insurance Discounts

  • Ask your provider if they offer any discounts for college students. 

Phone Discounts

  • Shop around and ask providers if they offer any discounts for college students. 

Technology Discounts:

  • Online retailers, streaming services, and even some big box stores offer discounts for college students. Check their websites or ask an associate. 
  • Computer programs – Often basic software for word processing or spreadsheets will have a free version for students; be sure to check their website.

Resources for Undocumented Students


  • Look into scholarships through local civic organizations (Boy Scouts, Girl Scout, Rotary, Lions Club, etc.), places of employment, local non-profits (Sudbury Foundation, Metro West Health Foundation, etc.) and religious organizations. Also ask local guidance counselor for current scholarship opportunities in the area.
  • Ask your bank or credit union if you are eligible for perks such as free checking, out of network ATM withdrawals and more.